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Letter from the President

I built Big State Excavation, Inc. on the principle that long term excellence and an outstanding reputation in the construction industry can only be achieved by the old fashioned virtues and ethics of hard work, dedication, and integrity.

My philosophy is to have each and every client prosper from a quality and expeditious project. Providing an on-time finished job that exceeds the client’s expectations is my number one priority for every job, no matter how small or large the project.

Through the years, I have assembled an experienced team of professionals that reflects my goal of providing better results than any of our competitors. Customer satisfaction is paramount to Big State Excavation, Inc.

Big State Excavation, Inc. prides itself in our family of knowledgeable employees to provide an experienced hands on approach to every detail of every project. Because we recognize our employees as our most valuable asset, we have developed a culture of safety as the cornerstone to our commitment to excellence. Our reputation has been earned on this principle and we pledge to continue to uphold our commitment as we help build Texas for generations to come.

-John Cantrell

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