About Us

Big State Excavation, Inc. was incorporated in 1992. We are a family oriented and family owned company. We have three generations of construction background in the state of Texas. Operations have traditionally been centered in the Houston metropolitan area. Through the years we have built a reputation known for delivering quality work at competitive prices and always remembering that safety is our first commitment. Big State Excavation, Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees. Safety is a primary focus at every job site because we believe that our workforce is our most valued asset.

In order to attract and retain top candidates, we offer competitive wages, paid time off, health insurance and a matching 401K plan. Big State Excavation works to establish relationships with employees for long term employee development to further achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement.

The prevention of job-related injuries and illness by continually enhancing our safety program is another aspect that we pride ourselves in. Big State Excavation, Inc. is dedicated to employing the best available personnel and continually training all employees to perform their job duties so as not to endanger themselves, members of the general public, or the environment. Our goal is to promote and maintain a culture of highly effective safety standards and awareness programs to ensure that everyone returns home safe every day.

We strive to give our employees not only a job but a career to enhance the quality of their daily lives through respect and honor and stability. Doing so will insure the presence of Big state Excavation, Inc. into generations to come in the future.